excitment of Tattonine

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excitment of Tattonine

Post by Darth Malicious on Mon Apr 02, 2018 1:46 am

After securing the base on Zoist got on the ship with his apprentice back to Tattonnine to check his bar club and a source on a  suspicion   that needs  confirmed  and if he is right it would be devastating  for the galaxy. .The trip was uneventful When  they exited the ship the same familiar blast of heat hit them.

They went straight to the bar to see Barron he  was very successful in running the  bar.  After a brief talk with Barron  Sykes  could tell he was getting bored. Before leaving with his apprentice turns to Barron if things are going the was I see it you wont have to wait very long for action. Skyes walks out very dignified  looking  then his apprentice  hurry up we have lots to do.

They walk into a anent looking building hoping to find answers.

Sykes and his apprentice enter the room so quietly the toydorian did not notice as he was looking in the other direction deep in thought. He turns  in mild surprise.

Sykes walks over to him there almost face to face. Sam hovers as his distinct  order fills the room. In a low quiet and clear voice  Have you got the information?

I have  lots of information he says with sarcasm but its at a price.

I mean the right information .

What do you have in credits for me eyeing greedily at the sith.

After negotiating  several hours they come to  a deal.

Latter on that night at the bar office.

Master and apprentice have been hours searching.

Have you found what your looking for the apprentice yawns.

Nothing too clear but I will review and meditate I believe something will come to me.

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