big busness of Coursant

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big busness of Coursant

Post by Darth Malicious on Wed Jan 02, 2019 12:09 am

Burke sat behind his  desk made from a dark wood fron Endor all everything in his office perfectly matched done by the design consulting    decorating was never his thing. His Secretary brought him back from his thoughts. Sir you have a incoming transmission and its important. Burke placed his  fingers on his chin in thought and  looking at his secretary that's been working with him many years not believing so much time has passed. Thank you Jen and the older lady leaves.  The older  gentleman waits for the transmission this cant be good he thinks.
After transmission
He looks ahead  he is not looking but in deep thought his brother has brought nothing but disgrace and shame to the whole family.

He has proven to be a dangerous sith  and has gotten powerful but how to handle him. Another thought enters if they get him they will be closer to catching Malicious  it all depends on him if they get him he might not be able to be takes alive. Part of him wishes he could be helped and changed over sighs his brother has always been different.

He sits and  chair at his desk leaning back he been an aly of the jedi most of his life and sending this information could keep this situation  in the galaxy  from escalating  This is time sensitive and sent the information he had but not being happy with sitting around walked out telling his secretary I am going to Corelia send  any work messages to my office there. Right before he leaves sends the message to Master Crala.

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